Welcome to Bentoville

Ok so my latest obsession – Japanese bento boxes! Happiness in a box – cute, healthy, colourful and compartmentalised. What I love most about these boxes is the fact that they offer a small morsel of so many different types of food. In one corner you’ll find tofu, while another corner has sushi, or teriyaki chicken, or some other kind of wunderful. You can try a bit of each, rather than filling up on an entire dish of just one thing.

Praises aside, what places in Sydney are best for bento boxes? So far my favourites are:

  1. Samurai (in the city, behind Sydney Grammar) – amazing value for only $25
  2. Takeru (Sussex St, Sydney CBD) – beautiful radishy salad in the middle
  3. Musashi (near Haymarket) – also really good value.

And I just discovered the most amazing website, called Adventures in Bentomaking, which is written by a mom from Hawaii and details her journey through hundreds and hundreds of bento boxes, including recipes and tastings.

Here are a few of the cutest:

Noah’s Ark bento box

Gingerbread man bento box

Penguin Santa bento box


My obsession with cute bento boxes forms part of a broader interest in food as art in general. I highly recommend the food art photography book “Food Landscapes” for a serious visual treat 🙂


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