Surrender to the sweet life

If there’s anything Holly Golightly should be remembered for, it’s making guilty pleasures glamorous.  Who else could make a morning coffee and croissant look so irresistible?  So, in that vein, here is a toast to the magic that happens when food and fashion collide.
What follows is photographic evidence of my sugar trail through Sydney (very Hansel-and-Gretel-like, but devoid of a gingerbread house, and batty old lady).
Tiramisu tower, Taste of Sydney Festival
Bourke St Bakery window, Surry Hills
Rhubarb tart, Bourke St Bakery

Giant choc-chip cookie, cooked in skillet, Hart’s Pub, The Rocks

Mt Fuji Volcano sushi, Fujiya (sweet AND salty).

Okay so this isn’t really sugar, but it’s always good to end a sugar spree on a savoury note, and this was definitely an interesting dish.  Chargrilled rice, topped with seared scallops and a dollop of Japanese mayo.  Bon appetit!


One thought on “Surrender to the sweet life

  1. Darling, Its Em. May i suggest Caketown in Newtown? Its about 4 or500 King Street. Not really open mondays or tuesdays if i remember correctly but they have amaaaaaaaazing chocolate eclairs, lemon tarts and chocolate hedgehogs. Its my favourite bakery.

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