At long last

The time between posts has been long. Interminably long. I could pretend that the pistachio cupcakes from my last post were fully successful in luring leprechauns to my window, and they turned out to be less gold-giving, and more ransom-taking than I had expected. But the likelihood of you believing that a 5’10” adult was held captive for 5 months by a miniature magical creature is fairly low. So I will take the high road, and explain honestly that my absence was caused by nothing less than living life to the full. It has been the most hectic 5 months of my life – exams, graduation, travelling – and I barely had time to breathe, let alone blog. But I have returned with renewed vigour and decided that the best way to apologise for my disappearance is with flowers.


The most satisfying thing about using flowers to decorate a cake, is arriving with an armful of flowers, being asked if you need to put them in water, and responding with a shake of your head, “Nope, we’re eating these.” I chose lavender sprigs, rose petals and baby’s breath for my floral garnish, and blueberries for a little blue POP of colour (like how I did that with the capitals?). Each flower had to be dipped in egg white, rolled in sugar and left to dry for an hour before being used for decoration.


The cake itself was super easy to make (recipe here). The hardest part was finding a bundt pan that would serve both aesthetic and stomach-filling purposes. Be careful with measurements; I had to double the ingredients listed in the recipe so I had sufficient batter to fill my giant bundt pan.






This was the final result – served on a wooden board just because I felt like it (and it was easy to be creative with the border garnish). You will definitely have enough flowers to be frivolous with their arrangement at the end. You could turn your back to the board, throw a lavender sprig over your shoulder and just see where it lands. What’s stopping you?


So the next time you stop to smell the roses on your morning walk, or a random foray into your local florist – consider an alternative to suspending their lives in a jar full of water. Instead, they could be adorning your next cake, adding their beautiful scent to the lingering smell of butter and sugar. Enjoy!




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