Okay, so you’re probably sick of these already, and I don’t blame you. But I swear, every time I enter that kitchen, the donut pan just stares at me so forlornly, and I know it’s dying to be used, and I can’t help it. Every damn time. So these last few times I decided to branch out from my maple ways (see last post) and try something new. Cue Homer Simpson donuts (d’oh) and Cookie Monster donuts. For no other reason than I just felt like it. Plus, isn’t edible blue fur just fun?

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

These were made using the same recipe as the previous post, just with 3 drops of red food colouring (and one drop of blue) to achieve that raspberry-coloured glaze. Plus a sprinkle party on top.

photo 2 copy

photo 1 copy

photo 3 copy

They look so surprised at being stuffed with cookies – I almost feel sorry for them. Until I remember that they’re cookie monsters after all, and a cookie in the mouth is probably preferable for them than a cookie placed anywhere else. The fur is made from shredded coconut, dyed blue. Those big innocent eyes are marshmallows, cut in half, and dotted with little blinkers using edible writing icing.

I hope you’re all enjoying your donut pan as much as I am (which is clearly, too much). Happy baking!


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