Celebrations and commiserations

Sometimes life will give you pie, and then take it away. Or not give you any cutlery to eat it with. By the same token, sometimes you will experience days of indescribable joy that seem to lift time’s wing, followed by moments of utter, sweeping misery. Last week was marked by a delightful celebration of friends and love – Valentine’s Day – but also by the departure of our beloved housemate Fabio, who is returning to the warmer shores of Italy and leaving behind a trail of broken hearts. Both events obviously required edible structures of some sort, so I made a gingerbread love shack (see below) and a Mario Kart-themed chocolate cake (see further below). Fabio is a Mario Kart enthusiast, and always chooses Luigi as his player persona, so this was very fitting.



Please excuse the poor image quality – my phone has been my main picture taker recently, because my proper camera is hiding somewhere on Unknown Luggage Mountain. Fabio’s cake was a simple devil’s food cake (recipe here) covered in green fondant (rolled out to cover the entire cake) and decorated with assorted colored fondant to make the racetrack, the mushrooms and Fabio himself.

The gingerbread love shack was slightly structurally unsound, so I inserted an empty cardboard box inside to improve roof stability and adhesion. I used royal icing to glue everything together because it dries very fast and very hard. I decorated each piece of the house before assembling using a #1 tip from Wilton and an icing bag.

Hasta luego!


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