Why so grumpy, cat?

Cats don’t have much to complain about. They lie around all day, soaking up the sunshine from their little window thrones. Then comes la noche and all they do is eat and sleep some more. So why do some cats look so damn grumpy?

  1. They are masking their slow realization that their plans for world domination will never succeed from a height of 9 inches.
  2. The cat food always tastes bad. How do humans eat such processed things?
  3. Their fur constantly oscillates between the two states of being cleaned or waiting to be cleaned.
  4. The bells on their collars instantly ruin all surprise attacks.
  5. Goldfish are no longer trending.

Grumpy Cat has entrenched his reign as the grumpiest cat of them all, and this Easter I decided to amplify his grumpiness a notch by adorning him with chocolate fondant bunny ears. Unsurprisingly, he looked grumpier than ever.

photo 1 photo 2

I made 3 almond butter cakes using hideous amounts of egg and butter (sorry guys) and decorated him using fondant. I made different shades of brown fondant by mixing chocolate fondant and white fondant together until I achieved colours I was happy with. The ears are chocolate fondant with white fondant insides, held upright by skewers passed through the cake.



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